Minnesota Radon Specialists

Radon and Vapor Intrusion Mitigation contractor servicing Minneapolis and St. Paul Minnesota. We specialize in radon testing, radon mitigation and volatile organic compound (V.O.C.) mitigation. We are certified by the American Association of Radon Scientists and Technologists(AARST) National Radon Proficiency Program (AARST-NRPP). We hold a Radon Measurement and Mitigation license from the Minnesota Department of Health as well as a general contractors license in the State of Minnesota.

Scopes of work

  • Single Family Radon and Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) Mitigation
  • Multi-Family Radon and Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) Mitigation
  • School and Large Radon and Volatile Organic Compounds(VOC) Building Mitigation
  • Single Family Measurement
  • Multi-Family Measurement
  • School and Large Building Measurement


  • Minnesota Department of Health license #RMITS-00048
  • Approved Minnesota Pollution Control Agency(MPCA)vapor mitigation contractor
  • Certified by National Radon Proficiency Program(NRPP) in measurement and mitigation.
  • Member of AARST ™

Individual Approach to Each Project
Systems are the same. Houses are not.

  1. The Initial

    We discuss with you what needs to be done and how we will do it to reduce the radon level in your house. We will quote you a guaranteed price and explain the procedure and time frame. Some houses will require a site visit but often times we can ask you just a few questions over the phone and provide you with a written price quote.

  2. Site Analysis
    and Survey

    Systems can have the same design. However houses don't. When we come to your house we look for a path that will be most aesthetically pleasing to the house. Hiding an effective system is one of the keys to a good installation.

  3. Work

    We are dedicated to giving you a top quality project. This means being respectful of your home. After we come up with a site specific plan we lay down tarps to protect your flooring. We run a vacuum to minimize the dust from drilling the hole in the concrete. After were done we take all of rubbish with us.

  4. Completion

    After we finish our work we go over the system with the homeowner. If they are not available then all of the information about the system and how it works are attached to the system u-manometer.